Identity & Values

The Father is seeking true worshippers who will worship "in Spirit and in Truth." We desire to become those who will worship the Father "in Spirit and in Truth." The first step in bringing people toward committed discipleship after accepting Christ is to engage them in authentic, Bible centered worship.

Worship Identity

To lead people toward becoming Authentic, Biblical worshippers, our ministry pursues these 7 markers:
  • Truth - as God is Truth we must seek to be true to Him, His Word, and each other
  • Love - for God, for others and for what we are doing
  • Glory - we amplify God as we reflect His light and reveal His works
  • Symphony - there is a part for every member and every member plays their part for the good of all
  • Call - God beckons and we respond by leading others into a life of discipleship
  • Movement - As God moves, we are moved, and we help move others
  • Story - God gave us stories to communicate big ideas in profound and personal ways

Personal Values

To become the ministry that we desire to be each member of the team should be committed to pursuing these 7 values:
  • Authenticity - being who I say I am, and meaning what I sing
  • Creativity - honoring the image of God in me by fully utilizing my unique mix of passions and talents
  • Evangelism - lost people matter to God and I will do everything I can to bring them to faith in Jesus
  • Excellence - doing the best I can with what I have
  • Humility - acknowledging my weaknesses and dependence upon the Spirit and each other
  • Joy - worshipping God together is a source of overwhelming joy and it should show
  • Unity - it is only through working with each other toward a common goal that we receive the blessings of God